Jimmy The Rev Sullivan Avenged Sevenfold Mini Replica Drum Set

$ 74.99


Jimmy The Rev Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold Mini Replica Drum Set

This mini drum set replica will look as good on your shelf as the real kit looks on stage under the lights.

Product #: JR-DRUM-1

AXE HEAVEN® Ornamental Miniature Replica Drum Sets Make Great Gifts!

Not a Playable Guitar - Click to Enlarge Image

Each AXE HEAVEN® ornamental replica drum set is about a 1:4 scale and is individually handmade from solid wood & metal parts.

Each bass drum is approximately 3.5” in width and comes complete with all the parts shown (minimal assembly required).

AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Replicas Look Great But Are Not Playable

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