Officially Licensed Michael Anthony Jack Daniel’s Bass Mini Guitar Replica Collectible

$ 34.99


Michael Anthony Jack Daniel's Bass Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible

Created Exclusively for Mad Anthony by AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Guitars The Jack Daniel’s bass is Michael’s most infamous bass. It was introduced on the 1984 Van Halen tour and the original currently resides at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Product #: MA-030

AXE HEAVEN® Ornamental Miniature Replica Guitars Make Great Gifts!

Not a Playable Guitar - Click to Enlarge Image

Each AXE HEAVEN® miniature replica guitar is 1:4 scale and is individually handcrafted from solid wood, with metal tuning keys.

Each guitar model is approximately 10” in length and comes complete with a high-quality miniature adjustable A-frame stand and an AXE HEAVEN® guitar case gift box.

AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Replicas Look Great But Are Not Playable